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High Life Integrative Medicine specializes in integrative dermatology. We offer educational workshops on specific skin conditions to clients worldwide. At High Life, our goal is to educate you on your condition and treatment options so that you can customize a plan using conventional and holistic treatment for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. We empower you to take control over your condition by providing you with all of the information that you need to determine what treatments fit best in your life and will be most effective for your skin concerns. We are called High Life because we help you heal your body to heal your skin, and in doing so, you’ll be living your high life… Feeling better and looking better from the inside out!

Whether you have not been getting the results you want from your visits to your dermatologist, or you want a more natural approach to managing your skin, High Life Integrative Medicine can help you.

AMBER EICHNER Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner | High Life Integrative Medicine SLC, UT

Amber Eichner

board-certified Nurse Practitioner

Amber Eichner is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner who specializes in integrative dermatology. She has an extensive background in dermatology and has become passionate about incorporating natural skincare. She believes that many chronic skin diseases can be effectively managed with evidence-based alternative treatments.

Amber began researching integrative approaches to dermatological issues when she continued to see a number of patients treat their chronic skin disease at home with nutrition interventions with great success. She had patients ask what they could do or change in their life to improve their chronic disease and recognized a crucial gap in traditional training and education on natural approaches to healing. When she saw her own family member heal psoriasis with diet restrictions, she decided it was time to seek further education in integrative medicine. She is passionate about sharing this education with her clients and empowering them to heal chronic diseases themselves.

Amber worked at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Utah as a nurse and conducted clinical research before returning back to school to further her education. She earned her Master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2012. After completing an internship in dermatology, she graduated from Sigma Theta Tau. As a clinical preceptor, she has educated nurse practitioner students and participated in humanitarian medical trips in Kenya, Africa. Through the Institute for Functional Medicine and LearnSkin, she broadened her knowledge of integrative medicine in 2019. She has two energetic little boys that she enjoys watching grow and learn. In her spare time, she enjoys to go hiking, skiing, traveling,  boating, golfing, and exploring nature.

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